Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Win a Free Animated Logo for Your Business

Dan Johnson, Creative Director of is proud to offer to you the chance to win a FREE 5 second animated logo with sound delivered in uncompressed HD. (What a great opportunity)
This is a great giveaway for business' that are getting into online video marketing, podcasting, youtubing, etc. They could simply add the animation to the beginning/ending of their show to increase their branding potential.
Here is how the FREE Giveaway works:
1. Follow & Re-tweet (rt) my post on Oct 16th, . A random re-tweet will be selected and awarded.
2. Follow me on twitter for daily updates, and check out my company below:
Dan Johnson, Creative Director
Panda Motion ::creative mediaSpin My Logo ::brand motion
Cell: 503-803-8541

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